Dalang Jin

spatial | furniture | installation

[Dalang Jin is a multiple function designer who focuses on altering behaviors and mindset through aspects of space and object.]

“Square me”

Gallery exhibition solo show

Nov 14 2021 - Dec 4th 2021  Venice 

“Square me” as a manifesto of releasing oneself from meaningless ego, desire,and opinion from others.

The show displays the project from “the room”,” ¾ chair” and performance art by using the interwoven multimedia that includes installation art, furniture design, visual design and performance art.

The room

Furniture/ Spatial design

The room is an assemblage, an exhibition that orients furniture and lighting as if in the real world of an individual’s depression.


3/4 chair

Furniture design

The 3/4 chair creates optical illusion, offering different visual experiences from every angle. In one specific angle, it is a perfect 3/4 of a square. Under the cool, cold skin are shades of heat.


Exihibition/Spatial design

Observe yourself from different perspectives, and discover the source of personal suffering. Do not allow the peer pressure of social media to ever bother you - your own unique identity, is waiting to be discovered.


Spatial design

Memorial park that monuments the part of destroyed nature and creates awareness to people.