Memorial park

Nocturn is a memorial park that monuments the part of destroyed nature and creates  awareness to  people, that people can have a moment of realization of actuality which humans are destroying nature and encourage people to cherish our natural gifts.We are  not apart from nature but we are part of nature.





                              SOLAR TREE

                          “CHOLLA TREE”

                       “PATTERN OF LIFE”

 /Patter of life


Cortan steel

Pattern of life

Corten steel panel are envoking endangered animals and patterns of plants.

Shadows play of perforated metal will change when the sun position changes.




orchid flower

The dripping water will emphasize the flying time, time won’t miss a second while humans destroying nature constantly.


Water inside the installation will vaporize the steam to the top of the tube, it will drip the water every second.



Cortan steel


A maze made of corten steel. The poems of death are carved on the surface. The narrow path will intensify the feeling when visitors pass through. 

The poems are about the monumental of death itself. It’s the nirvana of life, a silent feeling of disappearance.